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Writing and Projects

From the Desk of Valerie J. Wood

About this site...

Just a wee corner of the web devoted to information regarding some of my writing projects. 

So far, a novel (sports-fiction), a book about my dog Buster's battle with bone cancer, and a short story (link below).

A couple of other novels are underway. More information on that as it becomes available. 


The Day We Stole the Stanley Cup (a short story about a women's hockey team)


Enforcer and Breakfasts with Buster are available from Amazon and various other online booksellers. 




Reviews for Enforcer

"This book may be fiction but the story is amazing...the hockey jargon is perfect and the author’s knowledge of the sport is both impressive and appreciated by this reviewer. You don’t have to be a big hockey fan to appreciate this book. You don’t even have to be a sports fan--you just have to want to read a compelling story that takes you on a journey..."

-- Russ Cohen, FoxSports

Enforcer (with a foreword by Link Gaetz) 

Breakfasts With Buster